SeaWorld Orlando: Add water park to your itinerary!

Why add SeaWord to your Orlando itinerary?

If you are traveling to Orlando, SeaWorld should be on your travel itinerary, after all, it is the largest park with marine attractions in the world!

You can enjoy and add a lot to your knowledge, because the park has many possibilities of activities besides marine life.

To help you make your travel itinerary and be prepared knowing what you want to see in this park, Happy Tours has separated a complete guide of the best attractions you can't miss! So, grab your pen and paper and enjoy the reading!

What are the main attractions at SeaWorld?

At SeaWorld you can enjoy a variety of attractions, be it the marine life, the breathtaking roller coasters, and the water toys! Check out the best attractions at the park:

Several animal and water shows

We could not start with any other topic but this one! One of the main attractions of the park, which attracts several tourists every year. The park has several shows, one better than the other:

children wind dolphins at the aquarium

  • Ocean Discovery:
    Here you can learn more about Orcas whales, which are known worldwide as: killer whales. It lasts an average of 30 minutes and shows you what their life is like and their habitat, behavior and adaptation in different situations;
  • Dolphin Days:
    In this show you watch an exciting and beautiful presentation of dolphins, choreographed to the rhythm of the music, as well as learning about the importance of this animal to the world;
  • Sea Lion High:
    This show provides a very cool and fun interaction between sea lions and visitors! With a very funny story and lots of special water effects.

You still get to see attractions like Pets Ahoy and the Sesame Street Party Parade!

Besides these shows, you can visit other places and have a connection to the animal world, such as the Dolphin Cove, which is a large pool where you can experience dolphins, visit the Manta Aquarium, and see stingrays up close and learn more about them!

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There is no shortage of roller coasters in the park!

If you want a little adventure and different experiences - there is no shortage of them at SeaWorld! It has some great and sensational roller coasters!

people screaming on the roller coaster

- Journey to Atlantis

This is a perfect roller coaster to cool off on hot days, you will ride on a boat through some scenarios like: underwater cities, caves and dark places! There are many curves and a constant up and down, and you will be surprised with a drop of almost 20 meters - getting very wet!

- Mako roller coaster

This is a giant roller coaster that simulates the path of a Mako shark, with a lot of excitement and agility! You navigate between reefs and shipwrecks, reaching 120 km/h and 90 meters high!

- Ice Breaker roller coaster

Ice Breaker is the first throw-away roller coaster! During the ride, you will have four throws, forward and backward, as well as a 28-meter drop at a 100-degree angle.

- Kraken roller coaster

In this one you will get your feet loose - that's right, in the air! Increasing your adrenaline. It has several spins in the air and more than 45 meters, also reaching a speed of 120 km/h.

- Manta Rollercoaster

This is one of the most popular in the whole park! Here you will also have your feet loose, but you are placed in a different position, as if you were lying down (like a stingray). On this ride you will go through water lanes, have inversions, and a 35-meter drop!

And don't forget: take a backpack with extra clothes - no doubt you will get wet!

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Lots of attractions at Seaworld!

In addition to the shows, animal interactions, and the park's fantastic roller coasters, you can still experience a variety of attractions at SeaWorld!

boy watching sea turtle in aquarium

- Turtle Trek

This attraction is a theater with a movie screen, where you can watch a 3D movie in 360°, which reproduces a very important message about awareness and preservation of sea turtles' life. The entire film is made in a very dynamic and eye-catching way, to show the real need for change.

- Wild Artctic

This is a simulator that takes you to the Arctic in a helicopter, to meet locals, polar bears, seals and many other animals of the region. In a very realistic way, bringing the sensations such as the wind and cold climate of the place.

- Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Another attraction you can't miss is this world of the park! It is a penguin-oriented world that you can choose between a lighter version or a spectacular simulator! This area shows the North Pole and you follow a story through the eyes of a penguin named Puck.

These are just some of the attractions you can find at SeaWorld, but you can also see others such as: the Skytower, where you can have a panoramic view of the whole region, or if you prefer, you can ride the Flamingo Paddle Botas, one side in the center of the park!

What are SeaWorld's hours of operation?

Because it is a park with animals, it closes its activities earlier, during the autumn and winter months, the park is open until 5-18 pm. In the spring and summer months, it extends its activities until 9-22 pm. But remember to always check the schedule, so you don't get caught by surprise!

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SeaWorld Location

SeaWQorld is located in the state of Florida in the United States:

7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, USA.

Visiting this park is, without a doubt, a great destination! There are lots of cool attractions to see and enjoy - plus learn about marine life and learn about habitat preservation! We hope you enjoyed this content and keep following the Happy Tours blog!

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