Meet the great events and festivals of Miami!

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Miami is a hot spot, famous for its paradisiacal beaches, its diverse Outlets and the hectic lifestyle at all hours of the day. That's why the city is always one of the most popular destinations for tourists in South America.

Besides all this - which is no small thing - there are other reasons that attract so many tourists: they are the great festivals of Miami! It has options for all tastes, and if you intend to go there soon, it's good to write down all the events so you don't miss anything!

Write down the great festivals and events of Miami to plan!

Party is what's not lacking in Miami Beach, but some festivals are classic. So take your schedule or travel notebook and mark those who interest you most:

Wynwood Pride 2019 – LGBTQIA + Music Festival & Pride Block Party!

The Inaugural Wynwood Annual Pride is the place to be proud in Miami. In June, which represents LGBTQ National Pride, the community will celebrate the full spectrum of diversity in downtown Miami's Wynwood Arts District.

The weekend festivities will include a series of live concerts, drag queensshows, DJs, arts, at last. The structure to receive the revelers is also quite satisfactory. You will find drinks, varied foods and medical posts for those who, by any chance, need.

The Wynwood Pride is a perfect party that draws thousands of visitors to the heart of Miami's coolest neighborhood, the Wynwood Art District. If you're interested in the event: it will be from June 21-24, 2019 at The Wynwood Marketplace.

Ultra Music Festival!

This is a mega event for those who are fans of electronic music, which happens every year, since 1999 in Miami Beach. The party moves the city, because it is grand and lasts about a week. Names such as Avicii, Afrojack, David Guetta and Deep Dish have already undergone the main stages of the Ultra Music Festival.

Ultra Music Festival in Miami Happy Tours

So, if you're into this musical style, you can't stay out of it. Ultra Music usually takes place annually in the month of March.

Super Bowl LIV!

The Super BOWL LIV, 54 º Super Bowl and The 50 National Football LeagueChampionship game, decides the league Champion for the American football season of the United States.


Americans are crazy about sports. You can already sense the importance and size of the event, don't you? In the next edition, the Championship will be: February 02, 2020. Leave it on the schedule!

Every year, some famous band or artist makes a 15 to 20 minute presentation at the departure interval to shake fans. Artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Madonna, Coldplay, Katty Pery and even the legends of the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney have already performed at the Super Bowl. You can't lose!

WWE: Smackdown, Miami, 2019!

This year, more precisely on July 23, 2019, one of the most popular entertainment events in the United States will take place: the WWE: Smackdown. The show features 'staged wrestling'.

WWE Smackdown Miami, 2019

If you want to have fun in the best American style, you can not fail to enjoy this event. The crowd goes crazy and the tourists get in the bag!

Key West Fantasy Fest 2019!

This is a fantasy festival that takes place every year in Florida, similar to carnival here in Brazil. However, the main music style is not samba nor the axé. But the revelers fall on the spree and the party goes until dawn.

There are 10 days of fun, between 18 and 27 October. If you already enjoyed the carnival, you will love the festival!

So, did you get interested in one? Don't waste time and start programming right away. Miami is great and has many amazing places to visit. You'll need a means of locomotion to make the most of it.

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