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The Lusitanian capital is one of the favorite itineraries of tourists who go to Europe, and it is not for less, after all, it will certainly be a unique experience! The city exudes culture: from medieval to contemporary, everything mixes in the streets and alleys that overlook the Tagus.

Portugal is a country of many cultural riches, the Iberian Peninsula has a history that is told by every building, port and monument. And Lisbon's memorialism is very well preserved and a source of pride for all its citizens, who are very receptive and friendly, especially with their fellow Lusophones!

Want to see what you can't miss on your travel itinerary to Lisbon? Come with me and write down all these places. Happy reading!

Check out the top 8 places for your trip in Lisbon!

There will be no shortage of phenomenal places on your trip, Lisbon will surprise you until the very last minute of the tour. So that you don't miss out on the best the capital has to offer, we have created a short list of must-see places to emerge into its culture and history:

1. Getting to know the Tower of Belém

A postcard of the city, the Belém Tower has served many purposes for the capital and its people, a landmark of Lusitanian culture. It was once a fort, prison, customs house and lighthouse. Beautifully ornamented, it overlooks the bank of the Tagus River, where it once received the fleets and merchant ships, today is the memory of the verve of kings of the sea with the Portuguese people, immortalized in the works of Camões and Pessoa.

On the way, you can still observe the Jeronimos Monastery and, if you are at the beginning of the month, you can take the opportunity to visit the Belém Tower for free, because on the first Sunday of each month, visitation is free!


Tower of Belém

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2. Visit the castle of São Jorge

Another monumental and historical work of Lisbon, the castle of São Jorge is the highest point of the capital. From there, you can observe the city with mastery, it was one of the views that enchanted me the most, especially if you go at sunset! I myself visited this point twice during my trip, once during the day and the other at sunset.

This castle also guarded the royal treasures and protected the peninsula from the Romans, but today it is open to visitors, and at night its lighting is an attraction in itself. It's well worth a look!

St. George's Castle


3. Going up in the Lisbon cable car

From Parque das Nações you can take the cable car that crosses just over a kilometer over the Oceanarium and the Tagus, from there the city is seen from a completely new perspective to fall in love with Lisbon even more. If you can, give preference to enjoying this attraction in the late afternoon, the twilight makes everything even more beautiful.


Lisbon cable car

4. Walking around Praça do Comércio

Another point that you can't leave out of your itinerary is this square! It is located by the Tagus river and is one of the largest squares in Europe, that's right!

It is an ideal square for you to see all the architecture of the city, since its entire surroundings are full of old buildings, with the architecture very specific to when the square was built, still in 1755.

In addition to contemplating all this beauty, you can also take advantage of the cafes to have a snack while you're there and enjoy the fantastic gastronomy of the country.

trade square


5. Go up the Santa Justa Elevator and visit its Convent

A very cool tour is to go up the Elevador de Santa Justa, a tower all in neo-Gothic style, all built in pure iron more than 100 years ago. This elevator was widely used to connect the lower part of the city to the upper part, avoiding work for residents and providing a beautiful tourist spot in it.

The elevator guarantees a beautiful panoramic view of this point of the city and, therefore, has become an essential point in Lisbon itineraries. When you go up to this point of the city, you can visit the Convent of Santa Justa, in Largo do Carmo.


Santa Justa Elevator

6. Go to Luís de Camões Square

One of the world's best-known and most famous Lusitanian poets, the square dedicated to Luís de Camões has dozens of visitors every day, either to see the square or the classic statue of Fernando Pessoa sitting in a chair and leaning on the table.

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7. Sail on the River Tagus

Now that you've seen the city from above, how about seeing it from the water? The calm waters of the Tagus River are the symbol of Lisbon, it is impossible to talk about one without talking about the other. From the cacilheiros and catamarans that connect the capital to other points, you get a new view of the city resting on the water.

But if you prefer a longer, more sightseeing-focused trip, it's worth hiring a boat service especially for tourists.


River Tagus

8. Get to know Bairro Alto

A landmark in the capital, Bairro Alto is diverse. From the viewpoint of one of the seven hills, you can see the Tagus, the city that expands under your eyes and get to know the Church of Santa Catarina, a simple piece of Baroque art.


street with streetcar

Duarte Belo's Rua da Bica sums up everything we imagine almost instantly when we think of Lisbon: a short cobbled street, cut by an electric elevator that climbs between historic buildings with clothes stretched out in the windows, traditional shops full of delicacies and souvenirs.

Last year, the street won the award for most beautiful street in the world, ahead of New York's 5th Avenue and France's Champs-Élysées.

In addition, the nightlife in Bairro Alto is a big draw. Since its traditional restaurants often preserve their architecture, the bars full of people, music and conversations are the portrait of the bohemian life of the capital. So, be sure to take a gastronomic journey through the neighborhood and enjoy the food!

Don't eat fast food in Lisbon - enjoy the local food!

Visiting Lisbon and eating fast food is almost a heresy when you are in one of the places with the richest cuisine in the world. Take advantage and eat the local food and enjoy all the gastronomy of the country.

The typical delicacy of the Luso people is the good old Bacalhau, appreciated worldwide with its strong and unusual taste. The fish is the basis of several recipes, in addition to sardines, which are also found fresh and grilled along with green eggs, broad beans, snails and other exotic snacks for us Brazilians.

Don't forget, after enjoying a good meal, to eat the classic pastéis de Belém, they are indispensable for those who want to claim that they have really known Lisbon!

Is it worth renting a car in Lisbon?

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Therefore, visiting Lisbon will guarantee an incredible experience, whether visiting the sights or the local gastronomy, which we cannot disagree: it is one of the best in the world! So, always plan in advance the points you want to know and make a super complete itinerary in the days you will be there.

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