Going on a trip to Spain? Check out special itineraries!

Spain is one of the top tourist routes not only in Europe, but all over the world. And no wonder: while it offers diverse cultural attractions and first-rate cuisine, it is also home to a wide variety of ancient architectural monuments and heavenly Mediterranean beaches , full of events for all tastes.

When travelling to Spain, be sure to make the most of it with the tips we've brought you in today's publication!

How to enjoy a bit of everything when travelling in Spain?

The country is located on the Iberian Peninsula, next to Portugal, and is subdivided into different regions, such as the Basque region, Andalusia, Valencia, Catalonia; all with a very varied history and culture.

When travelling through Spain, you will realise how ethnically diverse the country is; there are regions with a strong Arab influence, its southern region has a great relationship with North Africa, while the north has a great Christian tradition.

This cultural melting pot brings many opportunities and to get the best out of it, renting a car is the ideal solution - not least because one of the coolest things about Spain's ethnic and geographical diversity is driving through the different landscapes, the winding mountainside roads and narrow medieval streets within the capital cities.

Best itineraries when travelling in Spain


The famous and incredible Barcelona is certainly the ideal place to start a trip around Spain: the Catalan region has a number of incredible attractions and buildings, many of which have become world famous because of the work of Antoni Gaudí; the biggest name in architectural modernism.

In the centre of Barcelona you will find the Casa Batlló and the Casa Milà, both with unmistakable wide, curved lines. But it is the Sagrada Familia Church, which has been under construction for over 100 years, that is sure to take your breath away: it is a mixture of various architectural movements, ready to be the tallest church in the world. It is often difficult to explain the technical complexity and beauty of Barcelona's works.

Basque Country

If you're heading straight from the Northern region of Spain, Bilbao and San Sebastian are great opportunities to get to know the autonomous region of the Basque Country. Bilbao is one of the world's great urban modernisation projects, and there you will find the latest in urban thinking; large green centres, public walkways full of technology and the most creative edition of the famous Guggenheim museum.

San Sebastian is a paradisiacal place, with the most beautiful urban beach in the country: La Concha, very well customised for the public, accessible and full of activities for tourists.


The Spanish capital needs no introduction. It is one of the great cultural itineraries of Europe, with its famous Prado Museum, which is a short walk from Retiro Park, the green heart of the city, full of pavilions and activities to get lost in for a good afternoon.

Madrid's royal buildings are an attraction not to be missed: the square of the Royal Palace is a tourist hotspot.

Speaking of large squares that become real hubs for tourism, the Plaza Mayor and Mercado San Miguel are the tourist heart of the city, ideal for meeting new people and enjoying the best of Madrid's cuisine.


We have talked about Barcelona being the great architectural heart of Spain, but in relation to the creative lines of Gaudí's Modernism. Now we talk about historical and ancient architecture! Toledo without a doubt is the great place to visit: the city has a strong Arab tradition, with incredible and ancient mosques; in the city there is also a medieval quarter of the Jewish community.

But the highlight of this trip is really getting to know the Alcázar de Toledo fortifications; the highest and most curious area of the city, from where you can observe everything!


Going to the South East with your rental car, you will certainly want to travel around the Valencia region, which is home to one of the biggest investments in culture in the world, the City of Arts and Sciences; a huge public space where you can watch a film on iMax, find exhibitions, street artists, as well as very modern buildings!

Inside Science City you will find one of the most stunning and modern oceanariums in the world, to learn much more about the country's nature.

At Gulliver Park you are confused by the variety of proportions between huge and tiny, inspired by the tiny people in Johnatan Swift 's The Gulliver's Travels.

The Spanish South

Start your journey in the Mediterranean regions; here the beaches become simply paradisiacal: mountains creep in between the roads, creating winding itineraries that are fun to drive.

Sierra Nevada in Granada is a stunning mountain range, with towns and temples built on its slopes. It's well worth a visit.

It is possible to travel to the Majorca and Canary Islands taking your car, to enjoy trips on roads built on mountains, so beautiful that they have become a classic in the recording of new car advertisements.

On the Baltic islands you will find some of the best places to practise a wide range of sea sports.

Cordoba is another very rich historic city, especially in Arab history, with beautiful mosques, courtyards and public spaces, full of curves and arabesques in the most traditional Arab style of architecture.

To finish your journey, Seville is the place to go for Spain's nightlife and culture; sample the world's best tapas and frequent bars and theatres with traditional flamenco attractions. Enjoy the April Fair festival to find all the city's attributes in one place, and don't worry: Seville's nightlife never stops.

Tours when travelling in Spain

More than crossing the country enjoying its opportunities, you can follow pilgrimage traditions, such as the Camino de Santiago, perhaps the most popular Catholic pilgrimage route, which can start from different regions: either through Portugal or from the far south to the far north or even through the south of France; all routes lead to the cathedral of Santiago, where the tomb of the apostle James is located.

If you love sports, you can also take advantage of the season and peregrinate to the home stadiums of teams like Barcelona; Spain owns some of the most beautiful and technological football stadiums in the world.

If you want to enjoy the different types of paradisiacal beaches that the country has to offer, you can rent a car with Happy Tourswith much more convenience and ease. We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all budgets and budgets.

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