Orlando Weather: What the 4 Seasons are like in Disneyland

Learn about the weather in Orlando during the four seasons!

It is common, before going on a trip, to gather a range of information about the destinations we are traveling to, be it about the health system of the region, the most visited tourist spots, and - why not? - about the climate that prevails at the destination throughout the year.

After all, knowing the weather at different times of the year allows us to better plan the very activities we will do during the trip. When the destination is Orlando, since we spend a lot of time checking out the cultural attractions and outdoor activities, we forget to make sure about the weather, but this is an important aspect.

When packing, being aware of the temperature of your destination is important, today we bring you a little bit about Orlando's weather in different seasons. Keep scrolling and enjoy the reading!

After all, what is the weather like in Orlando in the different seasons?

The first thing you have to keep in mind, if you are leaving Brazil to visit Orlando, is that given the difference of poles between the USA (northern hemisphere) and Brazil (southern hemisphere). The seasons are always opposite, so if you are going during a time of hot weather here in the country, you are very likely to find cold weather there.

Being located in Florida, one of the southernmost states in the USA, Orlando tends to have higher temperatures. Nevertheless, there are 10 months of very intense heat. From these considerations we can already delimit a little better how the weather behaves in the city during the different seasons of the year. Let's see:

Winter: cold and dry weather

Winter is between the months of December and February, and in the city of Orlando it is very mild when compared to other states in the US. The temperatures vary around 10 °C and 22 °C, nothing that you can't handle a little, being very similar to some regions in Brazil - but nothing that coats and gloves can't solve.

January is considered the coldest month, so bring pants, jackets and closed shoes to stay warm and be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer!

Spring: lots of flowers and pleasant temperature

Disney castle in Orlando with several people and trees below

From March to May, the weather in Orlando in the spring is very pleasant and the most interesting thing is the beach smell in the air, which encourages us to participate in open activities. It is a very interesting time of transition, the city becomes more florid and colorful. Besides this, the temperature is very pleasant, varying between 16 °C and 28 °C.

So, during the morning the weather is a little cooler, but as the day goes on it gets warmer, so include lighter clothes for the heat: shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops - but don't forget a good pair of pants and a jacket for the morning!

Summer: hot and rainy

During the months of June through August we have the hottest months of the year! But not only that, in addition to the latent heat, summer in Orlando is also very humid and rainy - with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 33°C.

Due to these climatic characteristics, summer, of course, is a great season to enjoy the poetic beauty of the region's beaches. So bring along light, comfortable clothes, and don't forget a good sunblock, caps, and bottles of water to keep yourself well hydrated!

Ah, of course! Don't forget your umbrella and/or a raincoat!

Autumn: mild weather and many festivals

In the months from September to November the temperatures are already milder and it does not rain so often - although the nights are colder, it is possible to enjoy the programs without coats. Temperatures vary between 19 °C and 29 °C.

The temperature can vary a little more at this time, so if you go in September, it will still be very hot, so take more warm clothes, and later in November, start taking some clothes for a few days that are a little colder.

In addition, many events and festivals take place at this time of year, making it a great opportunity for outings!

How to enjoy the best months to go to Orlando-FL?

Orlando's summer is no joke. Because it is a very hot and muggy time, it is certainly a very difficult time to travel, although it is a good time to enjoy the open attractions.

With averages of 28º, the summer is hot and rainy, so go for water park attractions and visits to the beaches. Also, because of the heat, supermarkets sell mini fans that spray jets of water on your face, which can be a great way to stay cool.

And we can't forget, if you have the possibility rent a car in Orlandoto tour the city and get to the parks and beaches with greater comfort, take advantage of it!

Because public transportation will be extremely hot and crowded, and you will want to avoid crowds in this time of intense heat. So count on Happy Tours!

To emphasize again: the crucial factor to consider when traveling on summer days in Orlando is the use of sunscreen to protect against possible sunstroke, especially if you are planning to do outdoor activities! Prevention is always necessary!

Also, another important tip: if you are in a park that has open attractions, try to do them before it gets rainy, because some places close the outdoor attractions in times of rain.

It is also important to note that from June to November is hurricane season. Although there is no way to predict if there will be a hurricane when you are there, there is always the risk, so it is good to travel with this in mind.

What is the best time to enjoy the Disney parks?

August, September, October and November is the low season, the lines are not as crowded and the attractions are cheaper, the weather is more comfortable and the rainfall lower, therefore, it is a great time to visit the park - with this, it becomes the best months to visit the Disney parks!

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The interesting thing about this time of year is that the stores are emptier and the traditional attractions are quite interesting. In October, for example, we have a big local celebration, Halloween, and no wonder, it is a time of year worthy of an American movie, you will certainly be surprised with the candy and costumes spread all over town.

Just don't forget to hand out the candy to the kids, they take trick-or-treating seriously there.

And we couldn't help but warn you about a time not to travel to Disney in Orlando: July is certainly one of the worst months to venture to the theme park. That's because, besides the weather being characterized by a great sweltering, it is a vacation month and, as tradition dictates, practically all Americans will be concentrated in the park.

With the intense heat and crowded lines, this is certainly not the best time to enjoy Disney.

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That's it! Now you know how the weather in Orlando works in the 4 seasons of the year and you can better prepare for your trip. Don't forget to leave in the comments what you thought of our tips and share this post with your friends.

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And don't forget, here you can find useful tips for preparing for trips, as well as tips on the best destinations to visit. See you next time!

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