How do you get the American visa? See the complete process!


Are you traveling to the United States for the first time? Then you need to know that having a passport is not enough. To enter the country, you need to obtain a US visa, a document that confirms your authorization to travel after analyzing several factors.

After complaints about the delay in the visa application and withdrawal process, some changes were made to reduce the waiting time for Brazilians. Although there are still bureaucracies, it has become faster and more convenient to place your order.

With planning and a little patience to gather the data and documents requested, you can fulfill the dream of visiting the USA! Follow the post on Happy Tours and learn all about how to get an American visa in Brazil.

What are the types of American visa?

The website of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil presents a list of all types of visas allowed for Brazilians, which can be divided into two large groups:

  • Immigrant Visas (foreign nationals who intend to reside permanently in the United States);
  • Non-immigrant visas (temporary travel for tourism, study, work, among others).

The type of visa you get will depend on factors such as the purpose of your trip and a number of requirements under US immigration law. Before you start the process, you need to make sure you meet all the requirements for the type of visa you want. Here are some common visa categories:

- Tourist visa

This category is ideal for tourists who just want to get to know the country, whether to experience the magic of the Orlando parks or enjoy the summer on the best American beaches. With this type of visa it is expressly forbidden to study or work during the trip.

It is worth remembering that the duration of the visa is 10 years, but the length of stay in the country is defined at immigration, already at the airport, and does not usually exceed 6 months. In addition, it may be necessary to prove the duration of the trip - it all depends on the officer who will attend you.

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- Business visa

The business visa is not exactly a work visa, after all, it is valid for people hired by non-US employers. In these cases, you must ensure that the worker will not be taking the place of an American, nor will they receive remuneration from American companies.

It is worth mentioning that this type of visa is temporary and directed to people who have specific skills and knowledge in their fields. In addition, these professionals must have at least 2 years of professional experience.

- Student visa

There are three types of visas in the education category, each with specific requirements. Understand a little more about each of them:

  • F1: students who have passed an institution accepted by the immigration service, such as language schools, universities or high schools;
  • M1: students who do not intend to enter university. That is, students from technical courses, vocational colleges and other institutions considered non-academic;
  • J1: Students who will undertake exchanges and other training in the United States include graduate students, temporary faculty, and some interns (note that undergraduate exchange students fall under the "Student" category).

- Visitors in transit

This is the type of visa requested by people who are passing through the country and will stay no more than 48 hours there. That is, it is used in cases of airplane connection and other similar situations. This visa is necessary because the airport is considered an international area and not neutral.

- Visa for fiancé(e) or minor children

The K1 and K2 visa is aimed at people who will marry US citizens soon and move to the country. In addition, this type of visa also includes children under the age of 21.

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It is worth mentioning that there are some conditions for this authorization to be granted, firstly, both people need to be single, widowed or divorced. In addition, the couple also needs to have met in person within the last 2 years.

- Visas for artists and athletes

As the name implies, this visa is aimed at artists and athletes who will provide their services to a US company or organization. But, in addition, the person must be internationally recognized for their work, presenting mastery and expertise in their field.

Step by step to get the American visa

In this post, we will focus on the non-immigrant visa, thinking about those who go to the United States for sightseeing, study or work. See how the visa process works:

1. Fill in the visa application form

The DS-160 visa form is the first step and one of the most important, as it requires a lot of attention. The website is written in English and your answers should be in English as well - if you need help, ask someone who can write well or hire a translation service.

In addition, no errors or divergence of information can happen, so before submitting, check everything again. Don't forget to save all completed steps and the form number. There are a lot of fields to fill in and you don't want to start all over again in case the page expires or the internet goes down, for example.

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2. Make the fee payment

With the form submitted, you must check if there is any fee to be paid and how much it is according to your visa category. Payment is made on the scheduling website and registration is required. It is possible to pay with credit cards and boleto bancário, but it is worth mentioning that payment confirmation is usually faster with the first option.

3. Schedule your visit to the Visa Application Service Center (CASV)

With the payment confirmed, it is time to start the interview scheduling process. You choose the day and time when you can attend CASV with your documents, according to the availability of the agency and make the appointment online or through the call center. For this, you will need the DS-160 number and the fee payment receipt.

In addition, before making the appointment, it is necessary to register and choose the form of delivery of the passport with the visa. At the Visa Applicant Service Center, your fingerprints will be registered and a photo will be taken.

To choose the place where you will carry out these procedures, simply access the embassy's website and consult the available addresses. Many people need to travel to fulfill this step of the process, so be careful to align this appointment with the next step, which is the interview at the consulate.

4. Schedule the interview at the American consulate

The last step of the visa application process is scheduling and conducting the interview at the American consulate. For this, you must choose one of the consulates in Brazil, schedule the visit and attend with the necessary documents. Children under 14 and over 80 years old are exempt from this step - unless requested by the embassy.

To avoid making two trips, try to combine the two dates of the visits (registration of information and interview at the consulate). At this stage, many people get nervous when imagining the questions that will be asked, but rest assured: just answer calmly, clearly and sincerely, according to the data filled in the form.

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What documents do I need to apply for a US visa?

The process of getting a visa is full of bureaucracy and requires a lot of attention. One of these precautions is with the documents, which need to be delivered correctly to avoid problems. Check the list of required data:

For the visit to CASV, please bring:

  • Your passport;
  • The completed DS-160 form;
  • The scheduling receipt.

For the consulate interview:

  • Your passport (and previous ones, if you have already renewed them);
  • The completed DS-160 form;
  • The scheduling receipt;
  • Two 3 × 4 photos;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Current Income Tax Return;
  • Bank statements and salary statements for the last three months;
  • Documents that vary according to the visa, such as: proof of enrollment, if you are a student; letter of funding, if there is sponsorship; proof of employment, if you are going to work.

In addition, if you have assets in your name (such as real estate, land and vehicle) do not forget to bring the documents relating to the assets, such as deeds, vehicle documents and others. If you are married, also present the marriage certificate. If you have children and they stay in Brazil during your trip, bring their birth certificate and ID.

The last step is to pick up or receive the visa. It is possible to pick it up at a CASV or receive it at home, with the payment of a delivery fee. You can follow the delivery process on the website where the form was filled out. After that, just put together your travel itinerary to the United States, pack your bags and enjoy your tour!

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