A convertible car can transform your trip in the United States

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Traveling to the United States is the dream of many people, we can consider it the most desired route for most travelers. But accomplishing that goal, while you walk the streets of the country in a convertible car, can be even more special.

Besides being a must-see opportunity, it is also a full dish for car lovers, who certainly research, discuss, watch content on the subject and want to get their hands on such an exquisite car model.

It's like tasting a sophisticated food or drink in the most convenient environment. The United States is a country of continental dimensions and, in all its extension, it is possible to stroll through the most varied climates and scenarios.

To know all these frontiers in a convertible is, without a doubt, an opportunity that marks the life of motorsport lovers forever. To turn this dream into reality, just follow the tips from Happy Tour and fly away!

How do I rent a convertible car in the US?

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The procedure is not so different from car rentalBut it has its specificities because it is a more select category of cars.

In general, it is important that you comply with some requirements, starting by having your CNH without restrictions, so that it can be issued to International Driving Permitthe famous PID.

Having an international credit card will also be necessary, not only for the payment of the reservation, but to hire the insurance deductible and fulfill other terms of the contract, which will require a part of your credit limit to cover eventualities that may happen, but do not worry, it will be released after the lease.

Other factors that interfere with the time of rental are the requirement that the driver, or contractor, must be over 25 years old and the knowledge of the legislation of the states in which they intend to drive, because, as a federalist nation, the United States operates with different legislation for each state.

One of the main advantages of this type of rental, is that most of the rental companies offers its services online. It is possible to advance most of the procedures with a few clicks, which is very feasible for those who prefer to plan their trip with more calm and without so many bureaucracies that can occur if left to last minute.

The direction of dreams: advantages of betting on the convertible

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Much of our idea of glamour involving convertibles comes from North American culture, the American way of life and its captivating scenes of fast highways, paradisiacal settings, beaches, mountains, deserts.

The feeling is one of freedom when crossing interstate highways, feeling the wind on your face and the power over the machine in very well cared for stretches (definitely American roads are a world reference). The safety and the release of endorphin that only a beautiful journey can provide.

The geographical variety and the roads in the United StatesUndoubtedly, they make the country the most opportune place to do this kind of tourism.

Whether with family, friends or on a solo road trip, the exciting landscapes promise to awaken in any tourist the need to take that tour more often.

And for this experience to become the most unforgettable of your trip, it is recommended to enjoy the American summer. This way, you will be able to walk with the hood open at will, enjoying the great differential of the car, besides its symbolic and cultural value!

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Roads and legislation - safe driving in the United States

For the luck of Brazilians, the North American laws and signs are very similar to those we find here. STOP signs and speed limits must be extremely respected, as these are essential rules for the proper functioning of the roads.

In addition to formalized laws, a fairly common cultural convenience on American soil needs to be kept in the driver's mind. Conversion on the right is almost always free, even when the signal points red. In the rare cases where this condition is non-existent, you can always count on signs.

Another frequent doubt for those who will drive in the United States is the payment and operation of tolls. Most companies already have an electronic payment system available to make it easier to go through tolls throughout the country. The most important thing is to include the amount of this payment in the budget of the vehicle, so that there are no surprises when it comes to returning it.

Emergencies with the rental car should also be on your list of precautions, as most of them cannot be reimbursed by the contracted insurance. Driving in default, such as the wrong person driving the vehicle, or accidents for lack of compliance with the law, will be charged to the security credit card available in the contract.

When we think about fines, the most common thing in U.S. culture is that the policeman makes the collection of the amount upon receipt, but those that do not pass this criterion will also be paid as an extra amount of the contract.

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