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Many tourists still have doubts about the requirements for renting a car in Europe. It is the fate of those who are worth giving themselves the right to have a car at their disposal. Of course, several countries have an integrated system of state-of-the-art trains, but this still restricts you to the tracks.

Another characteristic of Europe is the good conservation of the roads, imagine the number of incredible landscapes to contemplate in a trip by car, besides the possibility to cross countries, to know the interior and the capitals. The advantages are countless, more than anywhere else in the world!

I have a national driver's license, can I rent a car? Do I need an international driver's license?

Unlike in the United States, where it is possible to drive with only your national driving licence, if you are stopped in Europe, for any traffic procedure, it is quite possible that you will have headaches for not carrying an international driver's license that matches the type of car you are driving.

In many countries, the age required to rent a car is 25 years, but this is variable, and can even be higher with certain car models.

To have an international qualification, you must apply to the Detran, here in Brazil, for this type of qualification, presenting your documentation, passport and paying a fee.

It is relatively bureaucratic and perhaps time-consuming, but it is worth having your situation fully regularised in order to leave the country. When driving, always take the International Driving Permit (PID) taken from the Detran, your Brazilian CNH, passport and all basic documentation.

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How can I pay? Do I need an international card?

Definitely. To rent a car in Europe you need to pay the guarantee deposit fee. Make sure your card is out of date and has a good credit limit. To make the rental, you will need a card in your own name if you are going to be the driver.

An amount will be temporarily blocked in your credit card until the return. Several related expenses will be linked to this volume of credit provided: vouchers, fuel, special services, insurance and other fees not included.

When requesting insurance, opt for the most complete and search the conditions in advance. It is worth mentioning that anticipating is fundamental, because in certain periods it is possible to have a very large flow of leases. Especially on the European continent, which contains so many different countries and a series of events takes place in parallel in each place.

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Where to pick up and return the car? Is the mileage free?

In most cases, when renting a car in Europe many of the rental centres, for practicality, are already located at the airports and are connected to several other branches or partners.

Pickup points are often scattered at other strategic points, but be aware: if you have already booked your vehicle in advance, it is most likely to be in a specific branch already booked waiting for you.

It is often not a question of simply renting a car online and withdrawing it at any branch office, as it may be missing, while at the branch office where your vehicle is supposed to be waiting for you, it will be idle by determination of the rental.

For the return, unless strictly specified by the rental company, you may need to pay an extra fee for that vehicle to be returned to the original point of rental. Even if you can return it at a different point, it doesn't exempt you from taxes. Perhaps, depending on the circumstances and provisions, it is worth returning the car from which it was taken, to save money and avoid unexpected charges.

However, understand that sometimes vehicles are rented with mileage packages. In this situation, if you exceed, you will be charged for extra mileage. Therefore, it is important to consider a free mileage according to your defined routings. But think it is possible that you might wish to extend your trip to other places. And so free mileage will be necessary.

How to proceed in the event of a fine?

This is relative to the legislation of each country. As the car will be linked to your card, your car license and your data during the time you use it, it is certain that the company will know and will have the means to redirect the fines to you, who can get to your home in Brazil.

In Europe the road technology is state of the art and you will be taxed in most countries only proportionally to the intensity of the offence. For example, if a small amount of speed is higher than allowed, the fine will be lighter. But it is worth remembering that the fines will be in Euros, which, after the conversion, end up getting a little salty.

Always inform lessor if you think you've broken any rules and watch your returns. The European fine system is modern and will make you aware of the infringement and how to resolve it. Try to understand with the landlord the principles of management in the country where you are.


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