Italy's Tourist Spots: Which ones are the most famous?

Italy is one of the countries with many sights, one more amazing than the other. There are countless possibilities: museums, open air tours, millenary buildings, and much more!

You can't help but wonder what to visit and where to go, can you? With that in mind, Happy Tours has separated the main cities and points that cannot be left out of your travel itinerary! Continue on the page and check it out!

1. Coliseum in Rome

Nothing better than to start with a visit to one of the 7 wonders of the world today and one of the best known and most visited sites in Italy, right? Its construction began in 72 AD and for decades served as a stage for gladiators to fight, both among themselves and between men and animals - with the entire area packed, with more than 70,000 Romans to honor that moment.


2. Trevi Fountain in Rome

Still in Rome, another must-see is the most famous fountain in the world. This spot has become a tradition among tourists that, according to legends, when you throw a coin in the fountain a wish comes true, so, better not risk it and throw a coin too, right?

An essential tip for those who want to visit the fountain: go early in the morning or late at night, because during the whole day this place is crowded, taking away some of the beauty of the place.

3. Roman Forum and the Palatine in Rome

The last sites in Rome that you cannot miss to visit are the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. The Palatine Hill is one of the 7 hills of Rome, with a lot of history, monuments and unique natural beauty! And on the bed of this hill you will find the Roman Forum, or rather the "cradle of law", a ruined site that in its glory was one of Rome's main centers, used for elections, political speeches, criminal trials and triumphal ceremonies!

4. Cathedral Square and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Another very symbolic Italian tourist site is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, this monument is located right in the center of the city, and has become a tradition for taking pictures - pushing the tower with your foot or holding on to it so it doesn't fall! Not to mention that you can still climb its steps and enjoy the beautiful view of the city.

Next to the tower, you have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of Pisa, considered a World Heritage Site. The cathedral has a unique beauty, with its construction dating back to the Roman Empire, with many columns and interior paintings that recall the period of its foundation.

Tower of Pisa

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5. Juliet's House in Verona

Juliet's house is a supposed place where the character resided, on the site you will find a statue of her and other very notorious items that are part of the plot. On the wall of the house there are several cards written by couples in love, which according to legends, if the couple leaves a note there - their love will blossom even more, as eternal lovers!

6. Verona Arena

Still in Verona, take a stroll through this arena. It is a beautiful amphitheater, and has also been the stage for many fights and competitions, just like the Coliseum. And nowadays it is used as a stage for concerts, dances and many events in the city. So you can visit it on a tour, as a tourist attraction, or attend an event.

7. Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily

This village is full of Roman mosaics, focusing on hunting scenes, mythology, and the daily life of ancient Romans. And one of the curiosities of these mosaics is that some women were wearing bikinis as clothing!

8. Val d'Orcia

Located in central Italy, the valley has a landscape as its protagonist, just seeing this environment makes it all worth it! An ideal region to relax and rest, you can also visit some medieval castles, olive farms, large wheat fields, and much more.

 Val d'Orcia

9. San Gimignano

The town of San Gimignano has very medieval architecture, with walls, towers, and many arches all over the place! You are sure to feel like you are in the past when you enter this town - and, of course, climb the Torre Grossa and take in all the views of Tuscany.

10. Plebiscite Square in Naples

This is one of the most important points of the city of Naples, a large square of 25,000 square meters. It is surrounded by buildings that are also very famous: the City Hall of Naples, the Salerno Palace, the Royal Palace, the City Hall of Naples, and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola.

11. Scala Theater in Milan

When you go to Milan, there is no doubt that you must see a show at this theater! You will surely have a perfect and unique experience, both because of the great shows that take place there, as well as the beautiful structure of the Scala. And if you want to take even more time to get to know and be dazzled by its history and architecture, there is a guided tour, where the guide tells you about the facts of the theater, with an average duration of 45 minutes.

12. Santa Maria Delle Grazie Church in Milan

In the church you contemplate paintings and frescoes throughout its Gothic structure, next to the church you visit the convent, and it is there that the main tourist attraction of the church is located! In the convent's refectory, Leonardo da Vinci's famous work, "The Last Supper" was painted.

To visit the church, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance, through the internet. The organization of the place does this, since the demand for visits is very high, and to accommodate people with quality, there is a limit of visitors per period.

13. Piazza Duomo and Duomo Cathedral in Milan

Piazza Duomo is where the main city events and demonstrations in Milan take place. And in this square we find the Duomo Cathedral - the third largest church in the world, and really, the size of this church is gigantic! So this is a tour that cannot be missed on your route through Italy.

Duomo Cathedral in Milan

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What do I need to experience in Italian cuisine?

When we talk about Italian food, nothing else comes to mind but pizza and pasta, right? And well, you can't help but try these dishes. Even though it is one of the most popular dishes in the world, try the pizza there, and of course, try the traditional Neapolitan pizza in Naples!

And of course, the classic pastas, it is worth trying a different pasta dish every day you stay in Italy, you won't regret it! Apart from these two delicacies, it is also worth a try:

- Gelato:

This is a typical dessert, great for summer, and the best - free of preservatives! Gelato is handmade, a frozen dessert, with various flavors, just like our ice cream. One of the places to stop by for an ice cream is Via Principe Eugenio in Rome. At Gelateria Fassim, founded in 1880, you will taste the oldest gelato in Italy.


- Risotto:

Risotto is another typical Italian savory dish that can have various flavors and accompaniments, and is one of the great landmarks of gastronomy. In the city where it was created, Milan, this dish is made with a lot of saffron and accompanied by ossobuco.

- Tiramisù:

When it comes to sweets, tiramisù couldn't be left out! This is the perfect combination of coffee and cookies. A very tasty, moist, and light sweet.

Is it worth renting a car to travel around Italy?

Yes! No matter how much the country presents other means of transportation, there is nothing more practical than using the car as transportation, leaving at the time you want, without worrying about schedules, having the practicality and the option of leaving the route and doing the route you want!

Car In Italy

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You see, there are many sights to see all over Italy, these are the main ones - but there is an infinite number of places for you to wander around!

And after you have seen all these Italian sights, how about going through the sights of Paris: what to see in the City of Light?

We hope you enjoyed this content, and for more travel tips and itineraries, keep following the Happy Tours blog! Until next time!

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