Rules for using a comfortable chair or baby outdoors

Rules for using a baby seat


Traveling abroad is already a bit laborious and generates many doubts, imagine traveling with young children! Among the biggest of them is "how and what to use: seat or baby comfort outdoors?"

It is certain that this care can never be neglected in any corner of the planet. Children are sensitive, small and susceptible to trauma if transported without safety equipment.

It is worth remembering that each age group, weight and size require an adequate type of protection, which are developed especially considering the anatomical needs of babies and children in relation to vehicle design.

Can I rent a car seat or baby comfort abroad?

More than that: you must! Even though traffic laws are very particular from country to country, some safety measures are very similar and almost universal, also because the products, such as the car seat or baby seat, follow the same models abroad. Besides renting the car, this is an important point to be checked.
Even if each state of the federations, as in the case of the USA, has more autonomy to legislate on traffic, not using the basic safety equipment will result in heavy penalties.

If you anticipate, research the traffic laws of the country or state you will be going to, so you can assume the type of car seat you will need to use. In Brazil, the rule in relation to the models of chairs for babies are:

  • Baby Car Seat: suitable for children up to 2 years old and maximum 16 kilos. It should be positioned in opposition to the front of the car, as opposed to how the other passengers are seated.
  • Forward-Facing Car Seat: Recommended from 2 to 4 years old, the device faces the front of the car, in the same direction as all other passengers. It's big, sometimes it takes work to carry, but it saves lives.
  • Booster Seat: For children over 4 years old. Continues to maintain its elevation to protect the face and upper torso from trauma. Many booster seats come with a separate backrest or one that can be mounted and removed conveniently as required.

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In the U.S., for example, most states legislate that from the age of 8 years or 1.45 cm, children can wear only the common seat belt and be in the back seat. As long as the requirements of baby comfort use are more rigid. Fines also vary for each state.

In Canada, baby comfort is required in most provinces up to 10 kilograms and the age permitted for riding with only the seat belt in the back seat is 9 years.

In Germany the use of suitable chairs is required up to the age of 12 or 1.55cm high!

Some tips for traveling with children

It is quite worth getting informed about the state's laws that you will, a neglected or presumed detail of the laws may end up resulting in an unexpected fine. Be aware that traffic laws in some popular destinations are much stricter than ours.

You can rent your car seat, elevator or baby comfort directly from the car rental company or buy it from a store, but don't go out in the car with the child without the proper safety equipment, okay?

Often renting is more viable, because it is cheap and at the end of the trip, either you will have to leave the chair or pay the extra weight to ship it to your country.

If the rentals are really expensive, you can take the one from your house, at least if it is an elevator seat, since the other two are totally unfeasible.

Some instructions for understanding U.S. measures when interpreting their laws:

1 pound refers to 454 grams.
1' feet refers to 30 centimetres
1" inch refers to 2.5 centimetres

Some stores, especially department stores, near car rental centers may even have special conditions for those with rental cars.

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When it comes to the safety of small children, it is important to opt for health insurance in addition to car insurance. Remember that in countries such as the USA, health is mostly private and has very high costs even for relatively simple procedures. Even a little flu can become a big headache.

Travelling is great, with safety and reliability, even better. A Happy Tours has a complete car rental service so you can enjoy your destination with practicality, quality and great conditions.

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